Principal’s Administration Message

Dedication & respect to my duty keep me awaken, alert & curious to find the ways & means to provide the BEST to the students. One who is enrolled becomes specific for us. We care him as ours without any reservation.

This Jubilee session 2018-19 demands a little more nearness from each of the parent in relation to mental & psychological growth of their wards.

We do not believe in any discrimination of caste, creed, colour, gender, parental class or financial competence.”Educate without stress & strain”, to learner, is the motive, and it is practised providing expertised support. A cordial treatment encourages him to learn better and faster. The parents are advised not to arrange the private tuition for their wards as this mismatches with the school instructional method & keeps the student in dilemma of learning.Modern system of education helps in totality of personality development of an individual along with academic excellence.

Parents, a little attention & co-operation may help in the development of your child, who is free of getting reminders for his out-fitness, up to date clearing of dues & calling of parents for his non co-operation. lt is an appeal to parents “please visit your ward’s school at least once in a fortnight without any call for.

“We AIM to provide the suitable & competent youth to sovereign India.

S S Gautam
Principal Administration