National Science Olympiad organized by Science Olympiad Foundation NSO. Shakuntala’s laurels proved their acumen and enlisted their names in the book of excellence. List of the achievers is given below- (1) Aliya Khan (Gold Medal) , (2) Sahil Chouksey(Gold Medal ) (3) Anurag Sahu (Gold Medal ) (4) Shrishti Rai(Gold Medal) (5) P Vidhya Sagar (Gold Medal) ,(6) Y Adhirit Murty (Silver Medal) ,(7) Anushka Verma (Silver Medal), (8) Aanchal Singh (Silver Medal),(9) Trisha Rao (Silver Medal) , (10) Prasanjit Biswas (Silver Medal),(11) Bhumika Naidu (Silver Medal), (12) Manvi Nakhate (Bronze Medal) , (13) Srejal Chakraborty(Bronze Medal), (14) Rohit Kol(Bronze Medal), (15) Aditi Mishra(Bronze Medal) , (16) Aarush Patel(Bronze Medal). Qualifiers are selected for Round-2 in National Science Olympiad organized by science Olympiad Foundation NSO. (1) Shrishti Rai (2) P Vidhya Sagar

bronze Gold
Maths Silver