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Shakuntala Vidyalaya is one of the known CBSE Schools in bhilai, serving its good from last 20+ years. It has driven new ways of thinking since our founding. Today, SV is an intellectual destination that draws inspired scholars to our national and international campuses, keeping SV at the nexus of ideas that challenge and change the world.

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Kids Carnival & Felicitation Ceremony

Inauguration Of Auditorium

We are extremely happy to announce the inauguration of our new multi-purpose hall at our campus. Cabinet minister Shree Tamradhwaj Sahu Ji blessed us with his esteemed presence as the Chief Guest. Our Young and energetic M.L.A Shree Devendra Yadav Ji made his presence as the presiding guest. Honorable Bhajan Singh Nirankari Ji Ex- M.L.A, Param poojniya bhagat Shree Hargopal Mastanaji and Shree Sevaram Ji made their presence as the special guest. The hall was inaugurated by cutting the ribbon and was followed by cultural programs.

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The rising of the star in the firmament of bhilai has acted as a harbinger of prudence, profundity & pragmatism. Only a quarter of century is the span of it’s spectacular service and unique impact among the elite, but there is still a lot to speak of. It is a crème-de- la-crème institution that is constantly on the ELEVATION.
The increasing endeavour is our hall mark. We are proud to be shakuntalan. Its my shakuntala our shakuntala. We are committed to approach at the apogee where only ‘one nom de plume’ rests, shakuntala, yes our shakuntala.

Our Achievement, The meritorious students of XII & X -2019